The custom NetSuite integrations you want. But didn't know you could have.

Limebox develops custom software solutions that integrate seamlessly with NetSuite. To create better efficiencies for our clients. And now, you can have them, too… 

Get efficient. With powerful NetSuite integrations from Limebox.

ShipStation for NetSuite

ShipStation for NetSuite

Full round-trip ShipStation order fulfillment processing. Save money without the need for additional NetSuite warehouse licensing fees

PayPal Payments for NetSuite​

PayPal Payments for NetSuite​

Get instant, online credit card payments from Sales Orders and Invoices sent directly from NetSuite Google Sheets for NetSuite Google Sheets for NetSuite

Allow NetSuite data to be directly imported into spreadsheets. Make changes. And upload back to NetSuite in real time

Slack for NetSuite​

Slack for NetSuite​

Extend NetSuite to Slack notification capabilities beyond email. Real time notifications on case alerts, transaction events, and more

Marketo for NetSuite​

Marketo for NetSuite​

Sync contact information, transaction information, and website form submissions between Marketo’s leading email marketing automation too and NetSuite

"Wouldn't it be great if NetSuite could (fill in the blank)?"

You may just be onto something. And we’re happy to help you figure out if there’s already a solution out there. And if there’s not, we’ll help you make your NetSuite dreams come true.


Custom software integrations when native scripts won't work

Unlike some NetSuite consultants who are more interested in billable hours, we only recommend custom software development when a suitable solution doesn’t already exist. But when a custom solution is needed, our in-house NetSuite-Certified team builds brilliant solutions with simplification and longevity in mind. 

Winning Means Never Backing Down From a Challenge

Software is hard. Let’s make it easier.

It's time to start winning on NetSuite.

There are no words to describe the genius of this company and everything they have done to change our relationship with NetSuite.

Flann H.

Partner, Scout Design Studio

At Limebox, we help organizations implement and optimize enterprise-ready NetSuite, and custom software solutions, for their entire ecosystem. We deliver bonafide results the first time. With an eye for simplification and a genius for problem solving.


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