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Find NetSuite Posting Transactions Created or Modified Outside the Accounting Period


Accountants want to keep tight controls on their posting transactions. This is of paramount importance, and this is why many accountants close and lock their accounting periods on a monthly basis. Even with these controls in place, sometime periods are unlocked for various reasons and users can make changes that impact a period after the fact. One day a client asked if she could find any transactions that were created or modified outside of a posting period, while accounting for the 15 day “close window.”

Find Transactions Using Saved Search

We crafted the following saved search that produces the desired results:

Here is the code for easy copy and paste:

CASE WHEN {datecreated} > ({accountingperiod.enddate} + 15) THEN 1 WHEN {systemnotes.type} = ‘Change’ AND {systemnotes.field} = ‘Impact’ AND {systemnotes.date} > ({accountingperiod.enddate} + 15) THEN 1 ELSE 0 END

Here is an example output:

Keep Your Accounting Clean and Tight

Armed with this knowledge, accountants can keep their accounting tight and research any issues that may come up with transactions that have posted to the General Ledger outside of a closed period, potentially staving off issues. This is just another example of solving daily issues that come up in the course of using NetSuite. Limebox is a team of solid NetSuite experts and if you find yourself with challenges to overcome, please reach out so we can help.

At Limebox, we help organizations implement and optimize enterprise-ready NetSuite, and custom software solutions, for their entire ecosystem. We deliver bonafide results the first time. With an eye for simplification and a genius for problem solving.


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